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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Open time slots in doctor’s schedules may seem like unicorns of the medical world,
but trust us, they exist – and they’re actually a big deal to those doctors.
From same-day cancellations, to rescheduled appointments, to the introduction of extended hours,
there are plenty of reasons for doctors to have lapses in their day-to-day schedules.

That’s where we come in!

Who are your doctors?

Our doctors are licensed professionals in your area with state certifications. They have come to us looking to fill empty time slots in their daily schedules and are willing to accept less than their normal cash rate for the following two reasons:

1.When you book with TwoWayMed, you pay up front. This money goes into our escrow account where it can later be accessed to pay the doctor claiming your appointment. Doctors are guaranteed to receive payment without having to worry about the possibility of late transactions, charge-back disputes or unpaid collections.

2.Doctors can depend on TwoWayMed to provide them with access to many customers who have designated appointment windows. This allows doctors to fill holes in their schedules that would otherwise remain empty. Most doctors are not fully booked all day and would rather make 50% than nothing during an hour with no regular patients scheduled.

How does sign-up work?

Become an individual member for only $50.00 or register up to five family members for a total of $130.00. Your non-refundable membership is valid for a full year following your approval. Sign up as simple as filling out our online form, and we accept many methods of payment. Membership allows you to book appointments with our doctors anytime at no added cost, and it provides access to your unique Member Portal which includes useful information, tips, recommendations, coupons, and more!

If you do not wish to become a member, you may still utilize TwoWayMed’s convenient appointment services. You will be billed a $30.00 non-refundable fee for each appointment.

How do I schedule an appointment?

Search for the service you are requesting and provide three acceptable appointment windows (i.e. “Next Friday Morning”, “Next Saturday Afternoon” or “Next Wednesday Evening”. You will be shown your exclusive TwoWayMed 50% discount and pay for the service prior to appointment completion. Your request will then be submitted to our network of doctors. Within 48 hours, you will receive an approved appointment request with a confirmed date and time from the doctor who selects your appointment. You must accept this appointment and be there on time. We then automatically pay the doctor in full on your behalf.

NOTE: You are responsible for any optional add-on or additional service costs that your doctor will make you aware of.

How is pricing determined?

Our network of doctors each provide us with their best cash rate for each service they offer. When a service is requested, the average cost for the selected service performed by area practitioners is automatically provided to you through your TwoWayMed membership.

Example: If you request a basic checkup and there are 8 area doctors who charge their cash patients $150-$300 for a checkup, TwoWayMed pricing would be an average of those 8 prices (around $220), which we then cut in half to charge you $110. Regardless of the actual pricing of the particular doctor who selects your appointment, you will not pay more than the $110 collected at the time of appointment request.

What if I cannot make my appointment?

If you need to cancel, are late, cannot find the office, or any other issue preventing you from attending your appointment on time, please call us right away at 833-2-WAY-911. We will try to assist you with any rescheduling or finding you another doctor, however you may be charged for your appointment. If your selected doctor does not agree to a refund, your full payment will be forfeited. To prevent this from happening, please be sure you can make any appointment that is within the 3 time windows you provide during checkout, and please make sure to be on time for your assigned appointment.

What if the doctor will not see me?

Our doctors should never need to cancel an appointment made with you. If this occurs, please notify us immediately by calling 833-2-WAY-911. Depending on the nature of the cancellation, the doctor may lose their membership with us. We will find you a new doctor ASAP or provide you with a full refund if requested.

What if I am unhappy with my doctor?

Our doctors are fully licensed and accredited. We expect them to treat you with respect and provide the service you paid for up to modern medical standards with no additional costs or pressures to do anything beyond the service requested. Each of our doctors has explicitly agreed to our terms and are aware they may lose their TwoWayMed membership with us if terms are violated. If you would like to provide feedback regarding your experience, please call us at 833-2-WAY-911. We will do everything we can to mediate the issue. Unfortunately, due to our cash-up-front agreement with our doctors, it is possible your payment may be forfeited.

Can I choose a different doctor?

No, you must accept the doctor and appointment assigned to you. The appointment will be within the time slots provided by you and assigned to a fully licensed and accredited doctor who has sworn to agree to our company terms. The convenience of TwoWayMed’s services rely on filling doctor’s empty time slots, so you cannot be assigned to a different one after they have claimed your request. You must agree to see the doctor that accepts the discounted price you have paid.

What if I do not hear from a doctor within 48 hours?

We make sure to provide you with an accurate roster of doctors in your area that will provide your requested service prior to payment. If we cannot find a doctor who can assign you an appointment within the windows you provided, we will contact you for additional time slots, acceptable alternate areas, or provide you with a full refund if there is no available solution.